Wednesday, July 19, 2006


OK.. this is the 10th day in a row.. of over 100 degree days.. the last 2 days we have seen temps from 103 to 112 in the metroplex..thats not including the heat index thing that someone came up with just to make you feel even hotter than you already do..
We are under a watering restriction.. so the grass is a crunchy texture... almost brownish color..and I swear I heard my lil air conditioner in my bedromm sayin.. "Please.. can we move? Needless to say.. I have mowed my yard twice this season.. yeah.. TWO times.. well that is the front yard..cause I did water it some before the great water ban of 2006... Tonight when I took Buckeye out for his before bedtime pee walk..I saw him pee on a tree and I could have sworn I heard a gasped....thank you..Who knew trees could be so grateful?
It is now 10:30 PM.. and the temp is down to 92.. this just ain't right...

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