Thursday, October 12, 2006

OK.. I think I can show it now...

THIS is what I was so in awe of.. hahahaha.. I so need a real life.. Does Wal-Mart still sell them?? I know they are still slap dog out of Elmo's.. Of which I NEED 4.. So.. If anyone out there finds any please.. Remember me... That's 4!!!!
ok.. Heres the pic.. and like I said.. it's from my cell phone so dont expect a lot of detail..LOL

yes my friends.. it was the one and only.. (I think anyway) Oscar Meyer™ Weiner Mobile!!!! I wanted to take a picture of the whole thing but apprently.. noone else behind it in line was as impressed as me.. hahaha.. But.. I can share this.. the license plate was from Wisconsin.. and it read.. "OH I WISH" The other thing I wished I would have done was ask her to honk the horn.. just to see if it REALLY beeped the song... :::sigh::: Good thing I am easily entertained.. I have such a limited entertainment budget..LOL
Back to work tomorrow.. Ya'll have a safe and happy weekend..

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