Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finals Week... and assorted stuff...

::::gasping for air:::::

Tell me.. there IS life in between semesters.. My brain hurts.. my body is tired.. I can't sleep.. words float in and around my head...and WHY is it.. every time I see the word transgenerational.. all I can read is transgendered??

Today on the way to class.. I thought it odd that my car was pulling to the left.. bless its lil heart.. it usually only pulls to the right.. So.. leaning out the window for further inspection.. Yes.. thats the Texas way for pulling over and looking..I noticed.. Hmmm.. slightly low tire.. I make it to the lil store where I get the trusty Fix a Flat™ .. shaken... not stirred... It starts to flow into the tire.. Hmmm.. the tire isnt airing up.. So.. limp poor lil car over to the air machine.. Have I ever mentioned.. Air should be FREE!!! Not freakin 75 cents!!! Anyway.. after plunking my three quarters into the air machine.. and carefully placing the nozzle on the stem.. I proceed to fill the tire.. After a few minutes.. said tire is still not airing up.. not a slight whisper of a movement.. Wait!! What's this I see?? Movement perhaps?? Aww HELL no!! Its the not so cheap Fix a flat™ running down the concrete towards me... Scoochin under the car for a closer look.. what to my wondering eyes should appear?? No.. not even ONE tiny reindeer.. but I did see the steel belt from the tire.. as a complete and seperate entity from the rubber..Joys abound!!!

So.. out comes the tire changing apparati.. yes.. apparati.. apprently.. you have to put together the jack handle as it is in two peices so it can fit into a nifty little holder thing.. all cute and stuff.. nestled into the compartment under the back mat thing..Tire changed and the little freakin donut tire on.. I check the clock.. by this time.. class has already started.. and by the time I would have gotten to class.. I could have heard, "That's about all the time we have for today!" Remember.. Final is MONDAY!!!

So.. back to the house to shop for a couple tires.. and.. a sorely needed alignment.. See above for blessed lil thing always pulling to the right.. After all was said and done.. baby has new shoes.. and drives directly forward in a nice even line.. and THAT my friends.. is what Santa has decided I was getting for Christmas.. Jealous yet?


Sharon said...

Geez, Louise!

I keep waiting for this kind of shit to start here. It always happens when there's too much to do and think about.

Here's hoping it gets better for you and you get lots of studying done. Good luck on your final.

Bammy said...

Thanks Sharon.. things are still good here.. had a test today.. my last for that class since I have an A!! yay!!! I am SO anal about my grades.. lol.. but.. do keep your fingers crossed for Monday!