Sunday, March 04, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.. Blondie's grandkids came over today... and as usual.. boy grandkid wants to play video games.. cause he remembered I promised we would play a 2 player game this time.. Soooo.. He goes to look for the game he wants to play and can't find it.. I come to look.. wait.. I can't find it.. I look down.. OH WAIT.. the play station is gone.. yeah.. GONE.. so... hmmmm...
I asked Home Chicken where it is.. things get fuzzy after that.. kids go outside.. and its on... apparently.. its ok for someone who lives with you.. to have you by the shirt up against the wall and when you try and call 911 it is ok for them to slide the arm around the throat.. and tell you they are gonna kick your mf ass...WHO KNEW???
I certainly didn't... I mistakenly thought if someone tried to kick your ass in your own house.. well that could be against some sort of law somewhere.. Miss A??? ISNT IT???
Well.. after cleaning off my desk looking for other stuff.. now.. umm.. I no longer have a digital camera.. or the Sirrius radio my dad gave me this week... or.. my Sears credit cards.. yes.. they have been cancelled... and the jerks didn't even take the antenna for the Sirrius.. or the power supply.. I suppose they can get new ones.. its just.. they were sitting on top of each other.. WTF? Has everyone lost their minds.. or is it really just me?
I am taking the steps in the morning to do what I have to do to protect myself and my extended family.. which does now and has always... included Blondie and her kids and grandkids.. This is just wrong to have to live in fear of your own shit getting ripped off out of your own house..
I think I am gonna try and get some sleep now.. Thanks for listening...


Sharon said...

No, Bammy! It's not okay for someone to assault you in your own home.

It's called domestic violence. Um, arm around throat and threats to kick your ass, I think that qualifies.

You need to go to the police station and make a report. Report the stolen items and also report the assault.

You should use that word, "assault". And you need to start thinking in those terms too. Just because they didn't hit you doesn't mean you weren't assaulted.

Home Chicken may not have actually hurt you this time, but this type of behavior has a habit of escalating. Especially if you don't do something immediately to stop it.

Check out this website for DV laws in the state of TX. What you just described qualifies as domestic violence.§%2071.006.%20Member%20of%20a%20Household

Please go make a report. I'll make sure Miss A weighs in on this as she has the law enforcement experience.

Ms. A said...

OK...I need to preface this by saying that all of this is according to AL Law which might be very different from TX law.
In Al, the domestic violence law simply allows an officer to arrest for a misdemeanor without actually seeing the offense occur. It also adds some to the notification of victims when the person makes bond. The officer has to make a judgement call based on what they hear and see. Your "friend" knows the system so she probably played the officer by inventing some evidence of any violence being mutual. The officer not making an arrest at the time should not prevent you from obtaining a warrant for the harrassment and/or assault. Make sure that you report the serial numbers of all the missing items. Find out who has been assigned your case and bug the crap out of them. If she pawned anything, she should have produced valid ID which would strengthen your she said/she said case.
Get the hell away from her! If you can't get her out of your house, you get out or hire an off duty officer 24-7 to live in the house with you until she goes. People that have a drug addiction do not follow the rules of civilized society! They will do anything to obtain their drug of choice, including but not limited to assault. You have threatened her with the only thing that scares her...returning to jail and she will do what ever it takes to prevent that from occurring! If she feels threatened, she will hurt you! There is nothing that you own that is worth risking your life over...get the hell away from her now!

Bammy said...

Thank you both for your comments... she was served eviction notice today.. court is on the 14th... and her parole officer ordered her to rehab in the morning...more to follow.. probably privately..