Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stuff a la Wednesday...

Lil Girl (Goddaughter) called me tonight.. ::sigh:: she has the flu.. she called and said,"I wanted to tell you I love you.. in case I die.. cause that's what I feel like." Poor baby.. I feel bad.. Her mom and I are gonna make her go see the doctor tomorrow..

Conversation at my house when I got home from work..

Me: I have to go to work early tomorrow.. We are having a focus group.. I was invited to participate..

Blondie: What are yall gonna do..ummm... Focus?

Me: ::sideways look::: ehh.. they want employess to feel like they are engaged in stuff...

Blondie: You're getting engaged? I thought you were gay? Why am I the last to know?

Me: Im so gonna blog this..

And the best part.. My valentine(who also wanted to know how long one was a valentine before you had to ask again) thought I should start a column for answers to butch ettiquette questions.. but.. She didn't think Miss Manners was a butchly sounding name.. any suggestions?

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