Friday, April 13, 2007

Springtime in Texas..

The first time I told my Valentine about "Springtime in Texas" it sure wasn't anything like tonight.... but tonight was a reminder what springtime in Texas can hold... I am glad I went to the grocery store earlier today.. because it is out of commission tonight.. there was a tornado that hit it.. Mind you.. it is about 2 miles from my house..the school across the street has the storm sirens on it.. and whooowheee are they loud!!! Rain, wind and hail were the venue for tonight...Speaking of hail...awwww Hell!!!

Here is what rolled in about 5 PM.. Awesome huh??

And then this... was what was right down the street...

All is well here on Gay Avenue... ::::saying a long thank you prayer::::


Sharon said...

Holy Crap! Is that your car?

Holy Crap! Did you take that tornado picture?

Holy Crap! I'm glad you're okay.

Miss A's sister also lives in Dallas. They managed to slip by unscathed this time. A couple of years ago though, her brand new car got beat to crap during a tornado.

It's thundering here now. I haven't turned the tv on, but we're supposed to be rainy and stormy all day.

Bammy said...

Holy No it wasnt!!!

Holy damn I wish I could have been that close!!! LOL

Holy thanks.. we had some nervous moments...

I think you and Miss A should come visit her You probably got whats left of what we had.. minus the ahil and winds.. enjoy the thunder..I LOVE thunderstorms!!

Rainwolf said...

Hey, glad you're ok. I was throwing darts at the dive when I saw the pics on the news, thought about you, hoping you weren't in the path.

SassyFemme said...

Holy fuck, Bammy! Thank goodness y'all are okay!


THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I would crap myself if that thing just slammed down like that in front of me. I still would like to see one.