Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scarborough Fair...

Had a great time.. saw lotsa stuff.. the mime was the best!! Got my very own jester hat.. My best friend said it was "just me" I dont know WHAT she means.. :::laughing:::

Ate a lot.. got some sun.. have some just to die for roasted almonds.. yummm.. Feet hurt.. lotsa sun.. tired legs.. walked 5 bazillion miles.. Good times my friends!!!

Oh wait.. in other news.. Buckeye came home from the vet yesterday.. LOADED!!!.. My poor puppy was fallin out and tryng to sit up.. his little legs just slid out form under him.. or his head would just lean.. lean.. lean.. till he jerked and tried to wake up.. I don't think the teeth cleaning was worth that.. My poor baby.. I thought he was gonna have to reestablish his clean date.. Finally got him into bed.. I had to pick him up... he couldnt even do that.. and he slept like a dead rock.. My goodness that boy can snore!!!

He was still a bit loopy this morning but when I got home tonight he was just fine..

Ohh.. and Home Chicken is at a halfway house now... her sister called me today and wants to come by and get her clothes.. I told her bring a truck and get EVERYTHING.. Im not Public Storage!!!

I'm whoop ass tired.. goin to bed now.. nighty night all yall


Sharon said...

Sounds a bit traumatic for a teeth cleaning. Our vet won't let them out until they've passed the falling down stage and gotten to the loopy stage. I think it would scare me too badly to deal with them falling down like that. Poor baby.

Re: Home Chicken... You're a lot nicer than I am. I'd have sold all her shit and replaced all the stuff she stole from me.

Bam's Valentine said...

About Home Chicken....WHAT SHARON SAID!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

SassyFemme said...

I've never had our "kids" come home even loopy from a teeth cleaning, still a little sleepy at most, but that's it. That just doesn't sound right.