Friday, July 27, 2007

An Open Letter to Thom

I know.. ya'll don't know who Thom is.. suffice it to say, I once worked with him at D*FW Airport.. here is an excerpt of an email I got from him today.. it is similar to the several a week I get from him

"The Statue of Liberty has now become the "Death of The United States of America". "Give Us Your Tired and Poor Your Hungry etc. Now ADD. Your Diseased, Your Homosexuals, Welfare Low lives, Your UnEducated, Your Whores, and Prostitutes, Your Terrorist, Your People Who Hate the USA and Want to Kill and Maim those who are not Muslims, Your Drug Addicts All the Criminals Your Country Wants to Get Rid Of . You Get The Message People, WAKE UP. What Needs to Happen Now!!!!........... 40 Tug Boats (or more) with Chains around the "Liberty Bitch" and DRAG THAT BITCH BACK TO FRANCE. Which FRANCE knew exactly what they Were Doing when they Gave that " Bitch" to the New York Harbor and the United States of America. " I Guarantee FRANCE WILL NEVER TAKE IT BACK" WITH: " Give Us Your Poor, Hungry, Etc Etc." FRANCE HATES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Tell Me I am Wrong.................. Please Tell Me I am Wrong..............."

I will tell you.. this just pissed me right the fuck off today.. I am a veteran of the US Air Force.. I am a lesbian.. and I am a recovering drug addict.. which yes infers at one time I did participate in criminal activities.. So.. does this mean.. according to the viewpoint of Thom.. that I am not welcome in my own country? Well ya know.. FUCK.. THAT!!!

Here is my response..
With all the mails you send .. with references to homosexuals being equated to terrorists and criminals.. please.. take me off your mailing list.. I am so offended by that.. I am a veteran of the Air Force.. I resent like hell the implication that I am any less of an American because I am gay. You have always known that and never appeared to have a problem with it.
Our country is stuck in another situation so very similar to Vietnam.. it is a war the politicians don't want us to win so they can perpetuate the vision the the Republicans and only the Republicans are willing to do what is necessary for our country to be safe. yet.. they do not go to war themselves.. they send our children to do the dirty work. their kids get deferments or choice positions like good ole Georgie did.. never in harms way.
So spout all the hate you want to in the guise of warning people about terrorism.. but i find it odd that you spout it all from another country.. Your money is going to support them and their agenda.. just seems a little odd for a "true patriot" to be doing that.
Have a nice day..

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The Kept Woman said...

Rock on sister...I love your response to Thom and admire your honesty and sharp tongue. Cheers to you!!!!!

P.S. Can you please e-mail me at the_kept_woman at yahoo dot com? I would like to chat with you about the delivery of tutus to TCH if you are still interested...