Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have had the headache from the OTHER side of hell for 3 days.. is this a benefit from not smoking? lol..or maybe its the pills.. or maybe I thought too hard and pulled something.. I usually reserve that for school though..tomorrow will be one week.. thats the longest I have ever gone.. well ya know.. without being in jail..lol..and that was only for 2 weeks.. small steps.. and now I am wondering.. why does Dr. Pepper taste this way now? Seriously.. most things taste bland.. maybe this is the transition period? Hell if I know....

Oh.. I just read the headache is probably withdrawals.. you'd think I would have known that.. hmm...

OK.. so I spent Monday with the 'rents.. they are just so cute these days.. Dad decided though.. he isn't going to watch his diet anymore... he said.. he decided he was going to enjoy his food.. I guess at 76 he can decide that...Of course step mom isnt at all too happy about it.. she prefers he diet and exercize and all that... I got to bring home another carful of toolages.. wheee!!!! Something about a dad and his daughter bonding over tools..:::sigh:::

We ate dinner with my sister and her family.. wow.. to have 4 kids.. I would be in a loony bin.. "MOM shes touchin me.." "No Im not.." "MOM.. shes touchin me.." "No Im not.." lol.. ahhh it wasn't that bad.. but they are very active.. the littlest.. always seems to take a while to remember who I am.. the perils of living so far away I guess.. but by the end of the night.. I got many kisses with the Binky.. and a couple of big ole hugs!!! Something about a baby bear hug.. just makes my toes warm... I tried many times to get a picture of her on my nephews lap.. She was having great fun with a lemon.. tryin to see if they are all blurry.. or just most of them..

Don't they seem to be having fun? She is pretty much a happy baby and all the kids are very close.. So very different from my own family..

That's my bruiser nephew.. he really doesn't understand why he can't play football with braces this fall..
I heart them...

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