Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bammy Confused...

I dont know if I didn't think.. or I'm thinkin too much.. probably the former... but.. could be the latter.. but then again.. maybe .. well.. could be... umm... on the other hand... but then again...what the heck do I know.. I thought I knew.. but.. i could have been wrong... i thought I knew what I knew.. but I could have only been thinking I knew what i thought i should know.. or what I wanted to know.. or.. even maybe.. what i didn't know... anyone else ever think they know what they thought they should know.. only to find out.. you didn't know??

yeah.. and I have 2 tests today...

Hand me that baseball bat would ya??? I'm not quite finished beating myself up..

My head hurts.. definately pulled something in there this morning.. Gonna go pick up lil girl from the airport.. shes FINALLY comin home!!!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Oh boy. I know exactly how you feel.

Hope you did okay and that you didn't permanently injure anything in there.