Monday, December 31, 2007

The End Is Near

Only of the year ya'll don't panic and try and get things right now... Been one suck ass year around here.. well but some amazing things have also happened.. so.. I uess it all works out.. to.. its been another year.. next year will be amazing... just amazing I tell ya..

I am going to go play poker tonight with some friends I used to work with... I told them to bring lots of money cause now I am playin for tuition and house payments... They all giggled like little boys do.. and said "Bring it on.".. I don't think it will end well.. good thing I only have about 10 bucks..

Ya'll be safe.. have fun.. and Valentine? I am crazy about you..


SassyFemme said...

Wishing you and yours well in 2008! May it be a much better year for you and your GF than 2007!

The Kept Woman said...

Hey there! Just swinging by to say hi and hope that the new year is great for you all...