Monday, January 14, 2008

One More Day....

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen.. boys and girls of all ages.. Bammy is excited... My last semester before graduation.. I'll be doing my practicum at the same place I got clean at..

I think that is special... Maybe it will show one person that yeah.. you can make it back from being homeless and addicted to drugs..and create a new life where the ashes of one once stood..

The program they have there now is more women with children.. although.. the children don't necessarily have to be living with the mother at the time.. but there are small kids involved. When I went it was more for single women and only a small part was for women with children.. but ya know.. its all about funding.. Ya go where the dollars lead you..

So.. I am all excited about that.. don't know how much I can absorb in 20 hours a week.. I'm not sure what hours I will be there.. I know I have class on T/Th at 11.. so it will work around that..

I put in a couple more applications around town at some treatment centers.. and one at The Homo Depot.. Something has to come along soon.. part time.. full time.. semi regularly on Thursdays.. just something..

Life is good.. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel... Sure hopin its not the train (grinning)

I guess I'll be off to putter around the house.. I cleaned top to bottom yesterday.. did 8 loads of laundry.. scrubbed.. mopped.. dried.. bleached.. the only thing left was to start working on the roomies laundry.. but.. ehh.. yeah.. not so much.. A good while was spent looking for the remote for my bedroom tv.. not that I couldnt change the channels myself.. just.. I need to know where these things are...That.. and the cable box.. is on top of the TV.. which is on top of the armoire.. so.. it IS a stretch to get to... So.. I finally found it.. I had somehow made it up in the bed.. in between the comforter and the throw and the bedspread.. yeah .. I like to sleep under lots of covers and have it very cool in the room..

So.. now I am thinking I must do something because this new kinda tea that I got.. wowsa.. I mean buzz me.. no wonder the English like their Tea Time.. Its like a free high during the day...

Ok I must be off.. I see all the projects left undone during my depressed state of winter.. and now.. they MUST be finished by tomorrow!!

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