Monday, March 10, 2008

I Have A Dilemna..

I have a serious ethical dilemma.. well really.. not so hard of a choice to make.. I have already made the decision of what to do..its more like.. WTF where they thinking? Word is.. that one of the male tech's at work.. took a video of one of the kids..on his phone.. as she was acting out her "future stripper" routine. He then sent it to another male tech... I lost count of the many ethics violations they had accrued... and every bit of respect I had for either one of them as people..

I mean.. for goodness sake.. shes 15... and yes I meant it when I said these kids do need a little extra love.. but for gosh sakes.. don't exploit them.. don't take their bravado and make it something worse... I know some of the issues this kid has.. and some of them have to do with sexual identity/orientation... Acting out for attention is the one things that should not be encouraged.. especially from the people who are supposed to be the "adults" and are in charge of keeping her safe.

I know where I will be first thing when I get to work tomorrow..

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