Friday, March 07, 2008

I think it is so very cool...

We have a new adolescent program director at work.. and I have been tasked with writing a curriculum of sorts.. to teach the kids the 12 Steps.. more than cheesy questions and answers.. more like coming to understand the steps and how they can really help them to overcome not only their various addictions.. but be able to supply them with some coping skills to be better able to deal with what comes their way everyday...

I will be teaching this class for a total of 4 hours a week.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. prime play time for them.. I am gonna have to be damn good to hold their attention I think..

I had an impromptu class tonight with a couple girls.. to see how one of my ideas would work out.. I think their words were," Miss Pam.. thats kinda scary.. how did you know that? But danggg.. you're right."

I am tellin ya.. how MUCH.. could I love what I am doing.. and how MUCH.. am I going to love it when I get to do what I am shooting for?

And.. for as much as I said.. "Oh HELLLL no.. I don't wanna work with kids!" How much can I not see me working with anyone else right now?

Fo' Shizzle!! (See.. I am learning how to speak "teen")

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