Friday, May 09, 2008

Today.. I Will Do Something I Never Thought Possible

Today, in a few short hours, I will receive a college degree. Honestly, I thought this was a pipe dream for the longest time. The daunting list of classes that seemed like it would take FOREVER to finish, especially when you go part time as I did.

As a grand tradition of being able to accept something, there are a few people who I could not have done this without. My girlfriend, for having the faith in me, for pushing me when I felt like giving up. My parents, for setting the example I wanted to follow and for supporting the cause in this last semester. My roommate, for helping me cram for exams that she knew nothing about, but knew what answers I had to say to pass. My online buddies who always asked and kept up with my progress. And finally, my precious Goddaughter, (Lil Girl), who always had faith in me and didn't think it was so terribly strange that we both went to college at the same time.

The car is washed.. hair is cut, going to iron my chosen shirt and be off to pick up my friend Nancy who will share the ride downtown with me. Our mental Health program students are going to wear a purple and black ribbon in memory of our lost friend, who, by all rights should be here with us.

OK.. time to rock and roll!!!!
Later ya'll.. yes pictures will follow.

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Laura Belle said...

WhoooHooo!!! Wish I could be there to embarress you with a good long "whoop" as you walk across! Do keep in mind, a cartwheel across the stage is completely permissable...OK...I may be wrong about that (LOL)You go get it totally deserve it! Will be thinking about you tonight and smiling :)