Sunday, June 15, 2008

Like Kristofferson Would...

If I wrote a song for you, like Kristofferson.. It would have to start with, “Its all over.. I’ve got to have you”Cause I found out the when “Me and Bobby Mcgee” were holding hands and singin every song that driver knew… All I could think about was “Why me Lord? What did I ever do.. Why am I stuck in this truck and I need to be with her? Right then.. I knew “I’d rather be sorry” for something I’ve done.. than for something I didn’t do…After all I have done and seen in this life.. I thought to myself.. ”Loving her was easier” than.. anything I’ve ever done before..
I knew that every night when you tucked me in.. that it would “Help me make it through the night” Then I wouldn't have to ever worry about “Sunday Mornin Comin Down” and wishin Lord that I was stoned…So.. if you ever wanted to “Lay me Down” and love the world away…’cause I’m lost, but I’ll be lookin’, I’ve been hurt, but I keep on hopin’, ’cause I’m down, but I keep fallin’
After all these years..
there is still A song I’d like to sing.. it doesn’t need to last forever, but if we want it to it can..So… Come Sundown.. If love don’t live here anymore all I can tell you my darling.. is Don’t let the bastards get you down
Look out to the horizon.. Here comes that rainbow again, if you think that For the good times that this might be Something Worth Fighting For then by all means my darling.. Lay Me Down cause I am down but I keep falling.. youll find the Final Attraction is more than just Something Worth Fighting For. It is A Song I’d like to sing.. in a Moment of Forever.So.. as Kristofferson would say..It’s all over.. I’ve got to have you

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