Friday, July 03, 2009

A Big Ole Change

See her? Up there? Yeah.. the one on the left...My most beautiful and much loved Goddaughter.. has up and moved.. to Florida! Yeah I know.. something about wanting to be with the man she loves... GAH!! I was blessed enough to have her over for a slumber (or lack of it) party last night.. Fitting.. as she spent her first night after moving back up here with me.. before she went to the dorm for college.. Now she spent her last night with me before she went to start her new life and have many new adventures.

I am not opposed to tellin ya'll.. I shed big ole crocodile tears this morning at 4 am when she pulled out of the driveway. (Thank you to my darlin girlfriend for making sure I was awake to see her off!!) All I could hear in my head was that song.. "There goes my life..." I know I didn't give birth to her.. But I have never been as close to a baby.. child.. young lady and young adult as I have been with her. I know I have had an impact on her life.. Little reasons I know that.. like.. Yes Pam.. I change my oil every other time I get my hair cut... which.. apparently is about every 3 to 4 thousand miles.. It's her logic ya'll.. roll with it!

There is nothing more satisfying in the world to see such a beautiful baby grow up an be the self assured, intelligent beautiful young woman she has become.. She is off to start a whole new life with her betrothed.. a newly graduated Marine.. BOOYAHH!! In my head I know she will do just fine.. They have plans.. they are sticking to them.. In my heart.. I can still see that 5 year old.. wanting to play.. to swim in the back yard.. I see the first grader.. her whole persona changing from baby.. to kid.. walking onto the school property her first day of school.. The teenager.. dance team .. graduation.. college... all that... mercy good golly..

Randi.. I will miss those "are you hungry?" phone calls.. and those movie reviews cause you know I will probably never see them.. except when you give me the "movie assignments."

I love you more than life lil girl... All it ever takes is one phone call.. and you have the cavalry at your door.. I am glad you know that..

I love you.. be safe..

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apathy lounge said...

She's a lucky girl--er--woman! :)