Friday, July 07, 2006

Field of Dreams

Oh my goodness.. I got to see my favoritest movie in the whole world.. TWICE tonight.. I think God knows.. when I need to see it.. and whaalaaa.. here it comes.. right on time.. everytime.. To me.. I think the whole movie revolves around faith.. If you have the faith.. you know that sometimes things need to be done.. that sound and look insane.. but there is a higher purpose to it all.. and when you do what needs to be done.. more is revealed to you..
True faith, however, lets you see the miracles when they happen even though that voice in your head makes you absolutely crazy when you don't know the WHY all the time.. The whole point.. to me anyway.. is not really having to know the WHY.. just the HOW... How to get it done.. then you will be shown the why..

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golnaz said... have a nice blog & yes sometimes our minds work like that....good luck with your blog writing....