Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Good Rant..

Menopause.. Perimenopasue.. Slightly overworked pause.. WTF...I am moody as hell.. hotter than Texas.. oh wait.. I am IN Texas.. with a streak of 100 plus degree days that would wilt a camel.. freakin a.. Why don't they just tell you, "Look.. you are fixin to think you have lost your mind, bloat at the sign of a dixie cup, render all gun laws obsolete cause no one will let you near one now anyway, go from winter clothes to a string bikini in a flash.. meanwhile sending all lil children and those grown folks still with eyesight running for the hills at the thought of said string bikini on your now revolting against you body?"
Ya know.. there is something to be said for honesty in the medical profession..
There.. I must feel better cause Im not plotting the downfall of western civilization.. thanks for the rant..

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