Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yay Buckeye!!!

Well.. it worked! Buckeye found the rope.. and drug it over to the abysmal pit I was stuck in... I climbed on out.. he had a bag of motivation sitting right there.. Bless his lil peapicking heart.. So.. I got another wall done..and a little bit on the ceiling.. looks like tomorrow.. I need to get the sander out.. make a HOOOOOGE mess..and then go over it again.. Soon.. very soon.. I can see the texture going on...
Here is my hero of the night.. Isn't he just ever lovin cool??

Seems like he was just tickled huh??

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Laura Belle said...

Hi Bammy,
So glad you can actually be motivated to think and write in this heat. Even if your poor pugsly has to drag you out of the pit to do it :)
I am Risley's friend and fellow blogger, and thought I'd drop in and say "Howdy" to an overheated Texas neighbor. I've given up praying for rain and now I am praying for ice cubes instead. Probably won't get those either, might as well dream big.
Nice to meet you!
Laura Belle