Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interesting Day...

Well.. picture this.. I am lying on the couch.. relaxin.. first day of my weekend.. and there comes a mad ding ding ding of the doorbell.. Ya know.. the kind like.. WTF do they want and why dont they just ring it??

Well.. I opened the door to a very panicked little lady. and she says, "There's a car on fire next to your house!" Mind you.. the supposed "cool front" hasnt made it here.. still over 100 degrees outside.. I go outside.. and WOWSA!!! I was hit in the face by the most gawd awful smell I have ever smelled in my life.. Too bad I didn't get the camera out soon enough to capture all the smoke.. which, by the way, goes right INTO a window unit.. Just in case ya'll didn't know that and it happens near you.. TURN OFF THE AC.. cause iffn ya don't... your house will smell like burned rubber, wires and assorted stuff.. Good times!
So here is the aftermath.. Luckily enough.. the grass didn't catch on fire..and No.. it was NOT my car..

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