Saturday, August 26, 2006

OK.. Enough IS enough

OK.. so here it is.. Day 16.. or 18.. I can't remember.. but it has STILL gotten to be 100 degrees or better.. all the promises of a break in the heat.. pfftt.. Ya know.. we should have figured we were in for a rough one when the first 100 degree days were in April.. yes.. I said APRIL!! The average days of over 100 is 16.. we have had 40.. 40!!.. Thats... FOUR-TEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I read an article tonight about an area lake closing because the water has all but up and gone...a whole LAKE!!! And yet.. when I take a shower.. the bathroom just cant get the water where we need it.. and ohh.. the plumber called.. he can't make it till Monday...
I would shower under the garden hose but.. I think that would be construed as watering the lawn.. and we just can't do that here right now.. Well, plus that fact that lil kids would go screamin into the night from the sight..AHHH!! The retinas!!!
No.. I just couldn't do that to the poor lil chillins around here.. Seems cruel don't ya think?
But!! Being the semi optimistic person that I can be on a good day.. When you hang the clothes out on the line.. it only takes 5 min for them to dry... What else would you expect when it is 90 degrees at 1:45 AM? I tell ya.. just ain't right..As I said before.. Hell has moved to Fort Worth.. and is ALIVE and WELL!!! lol..

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