Wednesday, August 30, 2006

YAY!! School started...

OK.. So I'm thinking.. somewhere along the line.. I got into school at a backward pace.. I am SO loving it now.. I guess part of it is that I am the one now paying for it.. and let me say.. Textbooks for college are a racket.. plain and simple.. but that is a part of the deal I got when I signed up.. Right now I am still looking forward to classes.. knowing that I am on the downhill slide to my degree in another 2 years.. if the scheduling gods happen to be on MY game I am excited.. this is how one of the cats who shares my house sees it.. forget about the date on the pic.. this is just his favorite hangout..doesn't matter to him if I am in the chair or not..

It is interestng though.. I went to the little "fair" they had for students this morning between classes.. and I stopped by a booth for a new bank.. I have been shopping for one for a couple months since my last one decided that they WERE GOD.. and that customer service has NO place in their business anymore..
So anyway.. here I am looking at brochures and asking questions.. and the lady, with I suppose all due respect looked at me kinda sideways and said, "Are you a student here?" Not that I was all THAT much out of place.. But maybe seeing the assorted grey hairs.. very well deserved I might add.. and the slight groan as I pulled up my now seemingly too heavy for anyone to lift backpack..One could wonder if maybe I had just wandered in off the streets to attend this glorious lil get together , complete with dunking machine.. lordy.. what we Texans do for
So now I get the "college package" for my new bank account.. funny.. I'm edging closer to 50 than 40.. and I get the perks of a college kid.. and on occasion.. much to my Goddaughter's delight.. and my chagrin..the senior citizen discount at Golden Corral..
I tell ya.. life IS good!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay you old fart, here's MY many DAYS until graduation???? Get back to me on that, will ya?????? me

Bammy said...

Days??? LOL.. Graduation is set for May 2008. Gonna come?