Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Most annoying things heard at work...

I happen to have the pleasure and pain of currently being a Parking Services Agent. ok..so I am a toll booth attendant... lol.. it pays the bills and allows me the time to go to school and sometimes study at work.. Shhh.. Boss.. I hope you arent reading this..
I don't know about other airports in the country.. from what I hear.. DFW is special..We are larger than the entire area of Manhatten in land size.. second only to Denver Stapleton.. What?? So you didn't want a history of the airport.. pfft.. fine..
I sat tonight.. in my little 3 by 4 area... yes.. those booths ARE that small.. and thought about the crazy things people say to me.. So I compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.. the stupidest questions.. (don't give me that.. "The only stupid questions are the ones not asked" crap) and my choice for the number one MOST ridiculous question asked...
OK.. to start.. the most frequently asked questions.. and my "wish I could answer them this way replies"
#1.(Summer question) Do you have air conditioning in there? The answer.. yes you moron.. its like 100 degrees outside and I am in a little box.. WTF??
#2. (Winter question) Do you have a heater in there? Now.. maybe this is misleading since I do normally wear 2 coats..lol.. but the answer.. Yes you moron.. Its like 30 degrees out there and I am in a little box.. of course the window is always open because I have to answer inane questions like this..
#3. Which way is.. Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, Witchia Falls, Killen, Oklahoma City, Deep Ellum, any hotel in the area, Shreveport, and most any city in the surrounding states.. Unfortunately.. I know the answers to these.. maybe being a native Texan.. who grew up in Dallas and now lives in Fort Worth is my downfall..lol..
#4. Where is the car rental return? You dork.. did you NOT pick it up there??
#5. Why doesn't my Toll tag work? Lady.. if I knew that.. I would have a MUCH better job.. don't ya think?
OK.. that should do it for that category.. After all.. I don't want to bore you.. WHAT? I already HAVE? Damn.. keep reading..LOL
The Stupid Questions..
#1. How do I get to the airport? {Heard mostly on entrance) Hmmm.. do we need a BIGGER sign saying "Welcome to DFW Airport?"
#2. Where is the airport? (Heard mostly on exit).. Hmm.. well did you not SEE the big planes as you drove BY THEM??
#3. But.. Do I HAVE to use my Toll Tag? Did you NOT see the ten foot tall.. sign?
#4. OK.. and this is MY stupid question.. Whose Toll tag paid for this??

Yep.. Honest injun.. this is an ACTUAL picture taken at work..
OK.. and the #1.. most incredibly ridiculous question I have EVER been asked...

"Do you know what flight my wife is on? She's coming from Atlanta..."

Dear God.. shoot me now...



Bam, can you give me a new Toll Tag mine doesn't work? Is there a bathroom in there? Do you know flight I could take to Jersey? Do you make change? Can I use my Garden State Toll coins at your booth?

Bammy said...

Hahahaha.. I forgot about the bathroom question...lol...