Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What is left?

OK.. Ya'll know the saga of my friend who got out of prison and paroled to my house.. which.. well.. used to be hers but.. now it isn't.. ANYWAY... This has got to be the strangest turn of events I have ever heard of.. I know.. I had a couple brushes with the law.. and I was fortunate enough to have survived my probation.. mainly because I was terrified of the thought of going to prison.. I had a series of probation officers.. that for the most part I did repsect.. they had a job to do.. they lived on the right side of the law.. I respected them for the fact that they STOOD for what was supposed to be good and right with life..
Well now.. imagine the shock and utter jaw dropping that just went on in my house.. The 5 o'clock news just came on.. and being the news fanatics that we are in this house.. we were watching it..You know how they do the "teasers" at the beginning.. well.. the teaser today was "State Parole Officer is Arrested." I am SURE you can see where I am going with this..LOL.. but.. if you can't.. Yes.. it was my friend's parole officer.. she was arrested for indecency with a child.. Apparently.. she has been accused of having sex with a 16 year old boy that she knew.. I wish I knew how to insert a link like so many people do.. so I could post the brief story they have online about it..If anyone could share that tidbit of info I would greatly appreciate it..
So.. How do you expect people to follow the law.. when the ones in charge can't.. or don't? Yes.. I know we are all human and we are all capable of making tantamount mistakes.. But.. I am one who expects that officers of the courts.. the ones who hold lives in their hands.. to be held to a different standard.. police officers that break the law.. should get the harshest punishment.. talk about abuse of power!!!
Judges, politicians, officers.. they hold.. or should hold the public trust.. and when that trust is shattered.. What do we have to hold onto? Help me out with this..


Junie said...

I am thinking there is some device being used on people lately that blocks that portion of the brain that says....STOP THIS IS WRONG. You see more and more stupid behaviours any more.

candykitten119 said...

like my dear ole friend "Doc" once told me...."if they were to come up stairs and do a drug test...a wholed lot of us would be unemployed too." the word is justice, and it is pronounced "just us"....the laws are only to be leveed against "just us", never "them"...unless you piss "them" off.

candykitten119 said...

as my dear ole friend Doc put it
"if they were to come upstairs and drug test, a whole lot of us would be unemployed too. the word is "justice", and it is pronounced "just us", thus the law is only to be leeved against "just us", not them...unless you piss them off!!!..thus we have the word "blackballed".