Sunday, November 05, 2006

After all this time...

Still leaking.. still sucks.. Now I am wondering.. how tactful do I have to be with the good ole doc on Monday??

I am trying to whittle out the nasty comments I have in my mind to say... seriously.. I am trying very hard... Such as.. I know it won't be proper to say.. "By the way I noticed while you were in there you installed a dick for my tit to pee out of.. Thanks for not letting it show." or.. "Does the post operative costs cover the Kotex I need to soak all this up?" .. or..."Woohooo!!! I now have 103 ways to use a Kotex!!"

Hold up.. I think I have just had the invention of a lifetime come to mind.. Sports bras with sponge bob square pants lining.. ok.. forget the square pants.. but a sponge would be good.. Plus.. not only would it help in this situation.. think of it.. AA cup.. goes to DD cup from just one splash by the pool..

Im gonna be rich!!!

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