Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who knew it could spring a leak?

Ok.. so today was pretty uneventful.. did the school thing.. had my cookie.. I love those cookies in the cafeteria!! Took my costume back.. for those interested.. I was the jolly lil jester last night for the kids party at school.. which.. umm I think they forgot to advertise.. but.. they had a buttload of candy left over.. which translates into a buttload of butt for me!!

Anyway.... took the costume back.. went to a friends house.. ran around with him.. had dinner.. took him home.. came home myself.. chatted a bit... and then...
Decided it was time to get comfy in my sweats.. So.. ya'll know the drill off with the shirt.. and opps.. I felt something on my bra.. dang ole sports bra.. i looked down.. it was wet.. I thought.. Hmmm.. doesn't look right.. so I took it off.. and awww HELL!!! My tit sprang a leak!!! who the f*ck knew that would happen??? So.. being the normally calm and cool collected person that I am.. no.. seriously.. I am.. except for this time.. I screamed like a girl!!! meanwhile.. Home chicken who was sleeping.. bounced up outta the bed.. I screamed again.. she was like.. WTF??? I said.. IM LEAKING!!!! Go into the bathroom.. and sure enough stuff was spurting out like I just hit oil!!! Besides the fact I wasnt drillin for anything... it rather unnerved me.. I grabbed a towel and started to head for the door cause I thought.. this aint natural.. Semi reason came to mind and I thought.. Ohh wait I have the doc's phone number here.. I'll call.. so.. wait.. wait.. wait.. what seemed like forever passed in those 5 minutes..LOL.. and she said.. Ohh.. yeah that happens sometimes.. call the office in the morning. pffttt.. For some reason.. the towel under my arm and her non interested way of not comforting me didnt seem to matter much..

So.. on to AOL I go.. searching for advice.. Then I decide.. with some help.. yeah the ER is where you need to be.. so we loaded up the truck and we moved.. wait.. wrong show.. So.. we headed to the door.. and wait.. Home Chicken can't drive a standard.. so.. I am now thinking.. hmm.. short of driving there with her finger pluggin it up.. no.. thats too close to the dykes finger in the dyke.. so.. no.. that doesnt really work for me.. So then...I call my sister.. who.. I finally remember IS A NURSE!!!

I get her on the phone.. a lil more calmly this time.. telling her.. I sprung a leak in my boobsie.. she starts laughing.. Im like.. WTF???? Did you hear me?? All I get is.. hehehe.. Ummm yes.. I hear.. :::muffled laughter::: you.. She says.. not to worry.. it happens more often than not.. and that I should go get some gauze and tape it up...:::more muffled laughter::: followed by outright giggles... yeah.. Its been a fun night...

And on another note.. and since this has taken me from late on the 1st.. to early on the (the 2nd) marks 7 years that I have been clean... this time 7 years ago.. I was sleeping in my car in a parking lot of a grocery store...With every bit of gratitude I have in my heart today.. I would like to thank God.. my family.. the Volunteers of America.. and the YWCA.. and for all the people that had faith in me and kicked my ass when it needed to be....most of all.. Thank you Sweet.. for hanging in there with me.. in the shower and all.. With your help.. life has become not something to be endured.. but.. One helluva ride!!!

Like I have said before.. I'm not what I wanna be.. I'm not what I'm gonna be.. I'm not what I oughtta be.. but.. THANK GOD.. I'm not what I used to be..

Just for Today...


Laura Belle said...

Great Blog Bammy. We all have so much to be grateful for, and in my opinion saying it out loud never hurts. :)

P.S. That costume was...ahh...really something ! When Buckeye saw you in that, I am sure he thought it made you look just so CUTE. (LOL)



Anonymous said...

I am WAY proud of you. I felt honored to be in the shower, on the bus, and in rehab with you...but don't let it go to your Happy Birthday, Boots!


If I ever get married will you wear that to my wedding, Sir Boobie Leak-a-lot?

Love your shoes,