Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Different Direction...

I thought about it.. and now I am thinking the patch is just a crutch for the smokes.. I mean.. you are still getting the nicotine.. so.. I am trying it... just guts and bones.. Yesterday I had 4.. and today.. I have had 2.. but.. I haven't ripped off Home Chicken's head yet.. stay tuned though... theres a few more hours left in the day...

The patch might come in handy for work.. I'm not tossin them out..LOL...ok.. I am off to the grocery store and errands to do..

Goddaughter is having some car trouble.. she said, "It sounds like a jackhammer is under my hood and the battery light came on." But.. she said she made it to work.. so I'm thinking I might wander over there after later and check it out..

Life still is good.. isn't it? :::grinnin:::

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