Thursday, November 09, 2006


Well.. the car thing isn't looking well.. but.. lil girl(Goddaughter) might be in for a new ride.. That's the upside.. I just cannot see putting a new crankshaft into a 91 Honda.. :::sigh:: although.. everything else under the hood is new.. decisions.. decisions...

I went back to the patch today.. I think yesterday I wound up smoking 5 cigarettes.. of course.. compared to over a pack.. thats still pretty good.. but.. I just want to do I will keep ya'll informed with my wishy washy self.. today.. before I decided to go back to the patch I had 2.. but I am liking the new found sense of smell I am coming up with. Who knows where this will end up.. I have been washing a lot of clothes cause I can smell smoke on them.. Now.. if I could get Home Chicken to smoke outside.. we might get the house smelling a bit friendlier..

Actually got some more mudding done on the walls.. it is getting ever so close.. I need to start thinking about what colors to paint the living room now.. I am open to suggestions..

What else.. Buckeye had his semi annual visit with the vet today.. he is in the floor snorin away.. he had such a rough day dontcha know.. But we got to play in PetSmart for a while and he got to meet and greet about 2 dozen new people.. such a friendly lil chit he is..and the pre-emptive strike wormer medicine they said he would love.. ehh not so much..LOL.. we shall try again tomorrow..

And registration is open for next semester.. All the classes I need that are offered.. yep.. will have me being at school at 8 AM Mon through Fri.. I try really hard NOT to see 8 AM... since I don't get off work till 1 or 1:30 AM.. guess its time to suck it up huh?? Or.. find someone to trade schedules with me..LOL..

Have a grand and glorious weekend for you "normies" out there.. Tomorrow is still Monday for me.. ::sigh:: but ya know what?? Life.. is STILL good!!!


Laura Belle said...

YAY Bammy,
I know the patch is just a substitute for nicotine, but really it is not a sign of weakness. It gives your lungs a break, and that sense of smell is worth getting rid of anything you ever smoked to acheive :) It was a long slow process this addiction, so be careful with yourself and patient please. You CAN do this...And I am proud of you because this is hard work.

First full week off may require cookies. Good smelly ones!


Sharon said...

Okay, I'm skipping over the smoking stuff, though I think you're doing great!

You know how to mud walls?

Hmm... I need some wall work done.

I can roast chickens.

Bammy said...

Food for work.. sounds like an excellent trade to me..LOL

Bad Lori said...

Just put your boots on and Suck It Up!!!! I'd like to get to your graduation before I'm old enough to collect social security!! lori