Thursday, November 23, 2006

What I gave thanks for today...

1. My Recovery

2. My Family.. we may be odd.. but damn we are adorable..

3. My Buckeye :::G:::: both of them...

4. My Friends.. near and far.. they mean the world to me..

5. Phone calls from lil kids who don't even know

6. My Recovery

7. My house

8. That I was tempered with mercy and not justice..

9. My GPA

10. I am gainfully employed

11. I am not hungry..

12. My Recovery

I had a wonderful time today with my family.. my neices and nephew are such fun to be around.. I don't think my brothers and I got along as they do when we were young..and my newest neice.. she just started walking.. and has a scowl that surpasses Elvis! What a trip she is..

I love it when my dad wants to get more space in his garage... I am now the proud owner of a radial arm saw and an air compressor.. both of which will come in very handy with the work on the house.. hopefully I will be able to get back to doing some more of that between semesters...

Life is still good.. throughout everything that happens.. i know I am steadfast in my recovery.. and that my friends.. IS what my life is about...

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