Thursday, December 14, 2006

House Stuff...

So.. I have doors that leak cold air under them.. I got those handy dandy lil doo dads from Homo Depot a few months ago.. yeah.. so I am and today I thought.. hmm.. I think I will put them on... measured the door width.. cut apropriate lengths.. and guess what? The freakin door is so crooked.. it slides right under one side.. and makes the door feel like it is welded to the floor on the other side.. :::sigh::::

So.. I thought... hmm.. what do do now? So.. I went to the front door which has the same problem.. and aacckk.. that door is about 4 inches wider than the back door...::::bangin my head on the floor while I am down there::::

Just once.. could sonething work right??

Can you tell I am not happy...

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