Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh so much fun..or.. Welcome to my life...or.. Wanna trade jobs?

You would not believe how much fun I had at work tonight.. ok.. so I lie.. but.. omg.. what a night.. first off.. the other day we had a slight problem with the bathrooms.. they wouldn't flush.. I don't know how other cultures deal with this.. apparently NOT the way I do.. I just can't "go" when there are remnants of others.. well you know..

OK.. so tonight.. it happens again.. now let me mention.. D*FW Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the country.. they just got a $185 MILLION up front payment from some gas company to do gas drilling on the property..I say that to ask this..

OK.. Cedar.. since you like pictures.. here are a couple.. this is our parking lot..

OK.. so squint REALLY hard and you can make out a light pole.. WHY you ask.. am I showing you a dark... no lights shining on the on it.... light pole?? Because.. THATS where the luxurious porta potties are.. in this parking lot.. that has no lights.. Did I mention.. the airport just got $185 MILLION bucks?? You think that could MAYBE buy a freakin light bulb or three??

And here.. is the enviable accomodations we have for the forseeable future..

I am thankful that the lights on the main road through the airport work.. so there is some light to see the outside of them.

As I left tonight.. I mentioned that Roto Rooter actually WORKED 24/7 to fix problems like this.. and I was told.. Abba blah blah blah.. doodie doh blah blah..and yabba dabba do... Which apparently means.. "Yes.. they might but maintenance at DFreakinW doesn't."

P.S. No.. I actually haven't really had to use these yet.. I have insisted on taking an airport vehicle and going to a place that has actual working bathrooms.. but.. I feel my time is coming where they will say no..and oh.... I volunteered to work overtime tomorrow.. not thinking about this situation at hand.. I just thought about time and a half...and the semester's worth of books that need to be bought this week..:::slappin myself::: I REALLY need to think these things ALL the way though...


Junie said...

Maybe they are waiting for the check to clear?


Thanks for the pics, Ah, I think.