Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Call...

Well.. I got the call from Home Chicken last night.. yeah.. I'm the source of all her troubles it seems.. :::shaking my head very slowly from side to side:::

The most important thing on her mind? Well.. could it be the possibility of being sent back to prison? Nope.. the possibility of getting new charges added to her and being sent back to prison? Nope again.. her burning desire.. "I need some money on my books for shampoo. I can't be indigent."

So is my Dad's birthday.. Did I ever tell you what a wonderful man he is? I am a very lucky daughter to have a Dad that supports me in everything.. even though I know he doesn't quite agree with my lifestyle.. He loves me and supports me and is proud of me... He has had 3 kids that put him through the wringer more than once.. He has survived colon cancer.. has been married to my step-mom for .. shoot.. for about 100 years now.. :::chuckling::: I know cause he married her the year I graduated high school.. and it feels like its been that long ago..

I know that life is fragile and nobody is really promised another day.. and I thank my God every day that I still have my Dad... So.. Dad.. even though I just talked to you and yeah.. made you listen to my very sad rendition of Happy Birthday... I love you and I want you to know this..

I am proud to be YOUR daughter..


The Kept Woman said...

I'm jealous. You are very, very lucky to have such a father...know you are blessed.

Bammy said...

I am very blessed.. He is an honorable man.. and.. the best part? He just reminds me of the Keebler Elf.. :::grinning::::