Friday, June 01, 2007

I Made Progress...

So... I got everything moved over to one side of the garage.. again.. the stuff for Home Chicken's sister to come pick up is right in front.. a cedar chest and dresser.. that will give back a lot of room..

Lets see.. the wire I wanted to move.. I looked at it.. wiggled it and thought.. Hmmm I'll just shimmy right on over and pull it back.. WRONG!!! Seems like.. umm.. I have boobages now.. and they wouldn't let me pass through the space alloted betweenst the roof joists and the house beams.. did I mention I have a really small attic? I always say.. have more than one plan.. cause the first one.. usually doesn't work.. especially in this house..

Plan B.. I created a very long hook.. somewhere.. someone along the line had a very small cane .. that they left in the garage..wonder of all wonders.. ( mopping up that small puddle of sarcasm) so.. using that.. I also grabbed what was left of an old cane fishing pole.. and well.. 2 peices.. needing to be together.. well.. yep.. DUCT TAPE!!! I now had a hook that would be the pride and joy of any really bad talent show.. So.. reaching over.. I grabbed the wire.. and thought I could just pull it over.. well wrong again... Seems like this was the one place in this house that they decided to use those really old.. thick.. metal staples that properly held the wire down...

Plan C... Go back to where the wire was coming out of the ceiling.. carefully cut.. and tape the ends..cause yeah.. the power was still on.. hell it was just supposed to be ONE WIRE!!! and that is still part of the old wiring in the house and it probably connected something in every room of the house.. I know.. still.. but.. well anyway...I got the wire pushed back and wiggled the staple enough to where I could pull it back through it.. so.. back down that ladder.. up the other ladder.. back into the attic.. grabbing ny ever so trusty duct taped hook.. and retrieved my wire..

I installed a junction box to a rafter.. and got the wire down the wall.. by this time.. it was well into dark thirty.. and after a few bungled attempts at stuff after that.. I decided.. maybe LIGHT would be a good thing.. so.. I quit for the night..

Plans for tomorrow.. that is.. if what I am feeling in my back is just a trick and it really isn't broken in several places.. Aleve anyone? thank you I think I will.. Ok.. so tomorrow.. new plugs installed on the wall.. a shop light hung.. and the workbench moved to its new home..

I am so tired I can't even spit.. Not that I would.. I'm just sayin...

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