Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not Exactly Bats In The Belfry

But I did have birds in my attic...I found them accidently.. watering some plants out front.. and heard somethig.. so I sprayed the water up towards this spot.. and a bird flew out.. I sprayed again.. and another bird flew out.. hmmm.. yep.. it worked a third time too.. I think that was all though..

Today.. my friend DJ came over and we went and got 20 bags of insulation.. yes.. 20!!! Cause with 6 you get eggroll and 20.. you get a free sprayer rental.. and up into the attic we go.. I apparently.. am way too claustrophobic for my attic..and the hose for the sprayer.. way too limpy to get all the way back to my room.. but.. I had a plastic pipe about 10 feet long outside.. and what?? Duct tape?? you betcha!! Worked like a charm!!! Got it all over my bedroom.. the middle room and part of Blondies room.. and part of the living toom.. I still need to do some rewiring.. so thats where we stopped..

Let me add here.. my attic is so small.. How small you ask? It is so small the term crawlspace.. gets a whole new meaning.. you can't crawl in it at all.. you have to scoot.. on your back.. from one beam to the next.. to the next.. and you can only go.. right down the middle of the house.. So those of you with attics you can stand upright like a human in? I have attic envy.. Seriously...

And.. for those planning to blow your own insulaion in.. in the future.. here is Bammy's tip: If the sprayer sounds like it is clogged.. DO NOT.. remove the hose and turn it on.. to see if it is or not.. cause.. it probably isn't. thats all I am sayin.. Oh yeah.. and pop for the masks and the goggles... it does get dusty up in there..

The new AC is working wonderfully well.. cept for my bedroom.. which is about 7 to 10 degrees hotter then the rest of the house.. hence.. adding the insulation.. I had none.. It seems to have helped..I will let ya know in the morning after it has had time to adjust...I still dont have any in the walls.. the living room is the only one that does now.. since we redid it.. Soon.. I will rip out my walls and add it there too.. and do the rewiring.. I need a fairy

I seem to be pulling out of the funk I was in.. Saw a lawyer on Friday.. he says.. I got screwed.. but it is still an uphill battle appealing it.. but I am going to.. what can they do.. Fire me? lol...

Gonna go clean up.. for some reason.. I have insulation.. in places it really shouldn't be..

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SassyFemme said...

You blew your own insulation? Wow!