Monday, June 25, 2007

Pics and a Rant.. almost as good as dinner and a movie...

My poor son.. I did have to get up early... does it look like I disturbed him? lol

Well .. apparently.. after turning on the light to see that a purple shirt did not match green pants (KIDDING!!!! I have neither) I did disturb the poor little prince.. He got under the covers..

Ok.. and then.. this is what I saw first thing when I walked out of the house to get the day started.. I KNOW!! I am SO glad I went the extra step the other day and edged the front!!

So.. I went and got my errands done.. got back.. left again.. got new glasses started to be made.. came back.. The guy meets me at the door.. This is our conversation..

Guy: Ummm.. you have no water.
Me: Why?
Guy: Well.. I was looking for a pipe..
Me: Put the crack pipe down buddy.. youre working..
Guy: Blank stare
Me: OK.. kidding.. what happened?
Guy: I broke a pipe for your sprinklers.
Me: OK...
Guy: You need water today?
Me: Well.. it is raining I could jump around nekkid under it for my shower.
Guy: Blank stare
Guy: Give me a little bit.. I will fix it!!
Exit.. stage left and into his truck...

Apparently.. that visual scared him.. but.. as of this moment.. I still have no water.. I wonder if going to the garage in my boxers would hustle his ass up to fix it?

Not so much of a rant huh?? but it looked good in print..


Gina said...

How did you know how much I love pugs? What a cutie!

And I think I would have threatened him with bodily harm!

SassyFemme said...

Geez, that guy needs a sense of humor!

The dog? Too dang cute!