Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remember the Stove?

yes.. THE stove.. the one I was so excited to get? I am beginning to think.. i want my freakin money back.. this has been what..2 WEEKS?? Missa Tom could have bonded with Buckeye and prolly the kids from the school across the street by this time...

And apparently.. when you tell a customer service person "Yes I AM the pissed off customer that you get paid minimum wage to talk to.." Umm.. thats an insult? What was the insult.. telling her in no uncertain terms I am pissed off cause they can't deliver a product in less than 2 weeks?? or.. the fact that she is in some third world country makin 2 ruples a day?

"Heeloo.. my name ees Boneeettalaka.. I weel be aseestink you wiz your probleem.."

:::shakin my head:::::

1 comment:

Gina said...

I get so annoyed when they promise that things will get delivered in a certain timeframe and they don't.