Monday, November 26, 2007

Can I Hear a Great BIG F*CK YOU To Cancer?

My girlfriend has cancer... thyroid cancer...of which I don't know anything about except what I have read about voraciously in the last few days on the internet..


She has to be feeling like a ton of bricks has fallen on her... I think anyway.. I don't know how she feels .. I can't know..I haven't been through it... I would give everything to be able to trade places with her though..

Why does God do this to people? Can ya answer me that God? I know we sit in the dugout a lot and talk (yes God is like my baseball coach) But you never can explain to my WHY the hell you do this? You know God.. I really hate that answer.. "It is what it is." I need explanations.. I need to know WHY you take good pople and fuck with them.. but let people like Osama Bin Laden take away thousands of lives.. and whats with him? nothin? Is he like some sacred cow or something?

Yeah.. I am pissed off right now.. pissed off that she has to go through this.. for goodness sake.. shes a hospice nurse.. she gives the greatest gift to people...WHY ya gotta fuck with her God?

My words dont seem to wax eloquently right now.. The world.. is a better place because my girlfriend is in it.. it isn't time for anything to change that... She has touched lives far beyond what she knows.. like the pebble when you toss it into a pond.. it just kerplunks once.. but the ripples go on and on.. her ripples have touched me in places no one has ever touched... and because of that I have been able to touch people with my own ripples..

I can't change what is reality...but I can ask for yall to pray for her.. Im still talkin to God.. but I'm reallllyyy pissed off at him right now... I feel like he is tryin to bench MY MVP.. and it aint happenin!!!

So.. here's to you cancer...


Bammys Valentine said...

Bammy, love you, love your heart.You're my hero.

Bammy said...

Sweet... YOU are my hero.. good thing I have 2 capes huh?
Love you right back..

Rainwolf said...

Dammit. Sending good thoughts your way valentine, and you too Bammy. Ya'll take care.

The Kept Woman said...

If you can...get into MD Anderson ASAP.

Those people have their shit together and can work miracles.

SassyFemme said...

One of my dearest friends is going through treatment for thyroid cancer right now. I echo what Kept Woman said, get to MD Anderson. They're the best. My friend ended up there after her surgeon didn't get it all the first time.

Remember that thyroid cancer has a HIGH cure rate!

Will keep her, and you, in my prayers.