Monday, February 04, 2008

Sit down....

Ok.. so I know a lot has happened in the last hundred years since I posted.. probably should have blogged a bit sooner.. but lets see.. Lil Girl turned 21!!!! Seems like just yesterday she was a bubbly lil toddler... and now.. she's all grown into this fine young woman.. who has a great head on her shoulders..I love her more than life itself.. and I am so very proud of her..

So here's to you Lil Girl... Happy birthday!!!

Next up... I SO love what I am doing with my life now.. I am actually getting to work with clients doing my practicum.. the paperwork for a non profit is crazy.. but.. the actual counseling and working trying to get people to understand their addiction and the who, what, and how come, about it.. oh my.. is simply.. amazing.. If I have ever felt like there was something in my life that I was "called" to do.. this would be it..

Next up.. wait.. that just might deserve a post all its own.. I'll save that.. so since this will be a double post.. ya'll will probably already know what it is... So.. that's where I have been.. out doing what i want to be doing.. and it has also solidified my desire for .. yes.. even more education.. I want my masters in Counseling or Psychology..

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