Monday, March 31, 2008

I am closing in..

.. on my 300 practicum hours.. I will be sad when the semester is over and I am not going to the Light House every spare minute that I have... I have gotten very close to some of the women there.. I have a few clients that are "mine" and to see progress being made.. to see the lights come back to their eyes.. is a small miracle in itself.. I know that statistics say.. not all will stay clean.. but that doesn't stop me from hopin and prayin that they do...

I am at a crossroads as to where I really want to do my internship.. I always said i wanted to work with the counselor I had when I was in treatment.. but she does outpatient now.. and I am not a big fan of that... Where I am working.. with the teenagers.. I would like to continue there.. but.. ofgs.. the politics that go on in that place.. it isn't sometimes about the treatment.. but about the money... and that is a sad thing...but in non-profit.. it is also about the money.. and how to get more of it...

The state pays something like $79 a day for one woman to be in treament.. thats supposed to cover.. utilities.. housing.. staff.. materials.. and ofttimes.. food. With the Welfare Reform Act of 1996.. ONLY people with drug convictions.. are banned for LIFE from receiving food stamps.. HELLO.. what do people think keeps non profit rehabs afloat? it is the ability of the clients to afford their own food. yes, I have blogged about this before.. and yes.. I am waging my own campaign in our state elections this year.. States have the right to "opt out" of that legislation but they have to pass their own legislation to do it..

I live for moments like these!!!

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SassyFemme said...

Banned for life? That seems rather harsh if the person was, say, 20 when they were convicted, but needed help when they were 50 or 60.

As far as your internship, I believe we end up where we're meant to end up, for whatever reason/lessons we need to learn at that point in time, so wherever you end up, it'll work out for you.