Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today in History

Today. years ago in 1968.. the U.S. military went into the Vietnamese town of My Lai. and slaughtered hundreds of mostly unarmed, innocent civilians. Some estimates have this death toll upwards of 500 people. When the American people found out about the unprovoked attack of these people, the "war effort" was seriously undermined. They preferred to think that our young men and women, mostly young men at the time, were out to save democracy from the vices of evil.

Fast forward almost 40 years.. when once again.. the U.S. armed forces thrust an unprovoked attack on, not just a city, but an entire country, under the guise of "saving and promoting democracy." The difference being, at first, a majority of this country was totally behind the war, because as they had been led to believe, "democracy" was under attack. And that "terrorism" would prevail across the world if we didn't go in and attack this country and rid it of it's leader.

It's leader that yes, was a tyrant, yes, was a dictator, and yes, was an evil man as westerners believe as evil. But they managed to co exist in the world without thousands upon thousands of our young men and women making the ultimate sacrifice with their lives over.... ummm... over... well.. over.. what again? Just over WHAT.. escapes me.. Oil? Human Rights? Democracy? OIL?????

We fight them "over there so they won't be over here" is crap. We have guaranteed a new generation or more of people who believe that the U.S. is arrogant, power hungry and uncivilized because why? That's what we have shown them. Obviously, we learned nothing from the massacre at My Lai all those years ago. With all our advancements, with all our technology, we still resort to the brutalizing murderous ways when we are provoked. Is that what you want you want your country to be known for? Is that how you want your country to be seen by the rest of the world?

If it is.. stop here.. If it isn't.. GET OFF YOUR DEAD ASS AND GO VOTE!!!

Thank you.. This has been a public service announcement from Bammy..

:::sliding my soapbox back under the bed::::


The Kept Woman said...

Amen, sister.

One more more year...

Rainwolf said...

Well said.

SassyFemme said...

High fiving you. Very well said.