Friday, May 30, 2008

It Is Starting...

Ok.. so my friend Clarissa got her paperwork in the mail. She is now a registered Counselor Intern with that greatest state of Texas... I am expecting mine just... any.... day.... now.....

Where IS the postal delivery worker bearing great tidings of abundantly great news?

I am SO ready to get on with what I have learned I absolutely LOVE doing... what I am doing now.. I like.. I REALLY like... I absolutely LOVE working with the kids... Who would have EVER thought THAT?? But I absolutely.. freakishly... cannot STAND the woman I work for...she is arrogant, bullheaded and will trample people to make sure she winds up on top. She gives a bad name for all people in recovery who are taught the principles of honesty, open mindedness and willingness.

Yes, I am at the end of my rope right now. but, I did what any frustrated worker will do.. I updated my resume and am shippin it out post haste.. to any and all interested parties.. I just wonder.. do they know they are interested yet?

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