Sunday, August 03, 2008

Well.. Looky What I Missed...

This is how I know I need to not be so immersed in my little cacoon here on Gay Ave. Who the hell knew they had a National Orgasm Day?

Here are partial results from som random British survey:

Survey Results:
Nearly half of all women are not getting their share of orgasms!
The G-spot is not a myth. Women who cannot identify their G-spot rarely have orgasms
75% of older women claim they have a G-spot, but a third of under 25s can't find it.
(Yes... age does have its benefits)

Now the following is why I think it is good to be a lesbian...
72% say they are aware of their G-spot but its location varies significantly!
Yes we are an exploratory crowd..
50% place it just inside their vagina and 35% deep inside.
The remaining 15% locate it elsewhere!
Like I said.. adventurous and exploratory..

Ehh.. just something I found being bored on a Sunday night...


Sharon said...

Hee hee... {{{snickering in the corner}}}

SassyFemme said...

Spelunking has it's rewards! ;)