Friday, September 12, 2008

Thar She Blows!!!

Well.. seems like Ike is blowin into Texas with a vengeance.. I just talked to my Dad.. I have 2 brothers that live down there.. One lives in La Porte.. 2 miles from Galveston Bay.. he is right now on the north side of Houston in a hotel.. the other brother.. well. he prefers to sleep in a tent and panhandle his way to retirement.. he is also.. somewhere on the north side of Houston... might I ask for your prayers for them..

In other news... i think for the first time in my life.. I heard these words yesterday.."You are under a tropical storm wind warning." Dang.. I live in North Central Texas!!! But ole Ike.. is almost as big as Texas.. so.. I have my hatches battened... I love storms.. so this could be a fun weekend.. We really aren't supposed to get much.. 35 - 50 mph winds.. and 2 - 4 inches of rain.. I just love the rain so I don't have to water the

And on a down note.. I had to discharge a client today... seems like.. the area of homeless people is quite small.. and she was seen.. being patted down by the po po.. One surprise drug test and 3 lies and a confession later.. she came up on the short end of the stick.. it hurts my heart.. but I know there are people out there who need this program.. who want this program.. and will be willing to do what it takes to recover...

Knowing I have a brother out there.. who apparently chooses to be homeless.. I will never understand that.. I guess.. "Freedom's just another word for.. nothing left to lose...."

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