Friday, January 09, 2009

An Interview..

OK.. The whimsical and colorful and sometimes very chatty Cedar has posed 5 questions to me that I am going to make an attempt to answer..

::::Gettin all comfy:::: ::::::Adjusting my eyes to the bright lights:::::

1. Bam, first thanks for being so brave. I have been your acquaintance and then your friend for over twelve years in that time you have been very open about your fight with drug addiction and your struggle to get clean. Twelve years ago did you ever imagine yourself being who you are today, clean and working with other addicts?

Ahhh.. No.. and I can remember once in rehab someone told me I might make a good counselor.. and I remember distinctly saying, "Oh HELL No!! I could not work with someone like ME!!" but the thing is.. I love what I do.. and I have learned.. I can tell someone how to get clean.. I can show someone how to stay clean... But until THEY want to learn those things.. and come to understand why they got high in the first place.. I am spinnin in the grass... I just love how the brain works though.. and watching the one or two people that "get" it? That.. is why I do what I do..

2. You are a Texan born and raised, have you ever thought about living anywhere else and what is it about Texas that has your heart?

I actually have lived other places.. and I would live in other places still.. but yes.. Texas is my home.. There is something about days like today.. January 9th.. and its almost 80 degrees.. and then in 2 days we might have an ice storm.. or a tornado.. or.. it be 80 degrees again.. What truly has my heart about Texas? It's a range of things.. Lady Bird Johnson's highway beautification program.. bluebonnets galore in the springtime.. The memory of Ann Richard's and the Dubya comment about him being born with a golden spoon in his mouth.. Brassy and Bold women come from here... The independence of Texas.. knowing we stood on our own and could do it again... The Yes Ma'am and No Sir.. and the #1 reason? Shoot.. springtime in Texas.. sit on a park bench downtown and you'll understand too...

3. So, your Blog said you reached fifty recently, do you have one “must do” in the next fifty years of your life?

Ah.. MUST do? I MUST kiss a Yankee... and I'm thinkin... always wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for no good reason.. with a parachute of course...

4. People always talk about the gifts they receive at the holiday can you tell us about one special gift that you have given to someone?

When I was in rehab.. I developed a crush on a very special lady.. I didn't have any money to buy her anything.. So.. I got a piece of Hershey's nugget chocolate.. made a ring out of some paper and tape.. taped the chocolate to it.. and sent her a nugget ring...

5. On the home front, what house projects do you have coming up in 2009?
Wow.. I am in the midst of ripping out the ceiling in the garage.. to drop it down and make an attic for storage space... I am really wanting my garage back instead of that big place I call.. "That room where I put stuff cause I have no where else to put it.. room"

OK... I think I did ok.. :::wipin my sweaty palms off on my jeans:::
There are rules to this... I was supposed to post them.. but I am at work.. and.. well.. I'm not.. but.. I am supposed to tell you iffn you wanna be interviewed too.. Let me know and I will create some questions for ya.. *Or get Cedar to help

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SassyFemme said...

The things you listed that you love about TX are mostly the things I miss about it (though I love where I live now).