Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

Happy father's day Dad..
I love you.. You are my hero.. In all the adversity of life.. You always came through.. With a smile.. With integrity.. And despite the three kids you had.. With your sanity.. Always wondered how you did that last part.. It took me many years to realize the lessons you taught me.. Just by watching how you lived your life.. Even now.. I learn a little bit more from you everyday.. I thank my God.. That you are still here.. Beating the odds of cancer and living your life like it will never end..Just stick around as long as you can.. I have things I want to show you now..The biggest for me.. Being the graduation walk..
I love you..

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That was it... said...

Dunno how old are you but your thought and expression is awesome. Keep up with it. And hey, god bless your dad and ofcourse he will see your graduation walk and your wedding and your kids and so much more. Peace and luck....