Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pondering life...

I have been sitting this morning thinking about how I have gotten to where I am... Thinking about those people who have been with me on this incredible journey.. Some are still here.. others.. well they have been here for their reason or season I suppose.. and now have gone to other places..
I want to plant a tree for my friend Kim.. who I lost last year due to cancer that ravaged her body so quickly.. When I think about her.. I honestly feel the meaning of the word bittersweet.. Such a lovely person to be taken away so cruelly and far too soon..
Its also a celebration of a life created today.. of a person who means a great deal to me.. just knowing that person has enriched me.. and gotten me to see life through different ways.. Thanks for that..
Memories? They are good for the heart.. keeps you thankful for everything you have had.. and keeps me looking forward to the things yet to come..

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